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What to ask to your wedding venue?

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Getting married is the biggest decision in most of people’s lives. Furthermore, if you are planning this special day, you want it to be held in the most appropriate place according to your means. Some people have different ideas of what they want the venue to be like. Some may just want some space to get the ceremony done; other ones may want a whole place, which also includes accommodation for a multiple-day festivity. There is an endless list of different kind of hosting spaces, such as country clubs, hotels, restaurants, bars, and more.

However, something to have in mind of what your tentative hosting place needs to have is that you need to ask the right questions, by this way you avoid any possible problems such as:

However, something to have in mind of what your tentative hosting place needs to have is that you need to ask the right questions, by this way you avoid any possible problems such as:

  • Overcharging or hidden charges
  • Last-hour cancelations
  • Additional insurance charges
  • Strict curfew or finishing hour
  • Non-contemplated and silly rules

That is why we state the most important areas and some example questions on what you need to pay close attention and clarify things before it is too late.

  1. Venue costs, charges, and cancellation: Avoid any additional or hidden charges.
    • Do you have a cancellation fee? If so, how much is it?
    • What is your cancelation policy?
    • Are there any extra charges that I may have not considered? (Such as insurance, parking, cleaning services, etc.?)
  2. Venue availability: Availability around your planned date and time specifications.
    • At which time do we have to stop playing music?
    • At which hour can guests start arriving?
    • Is there a specific hour at which we need to finish things up?
  3. Catering, waiting, and bar services. Even though a boring event will be boring regarding of the amounts of alcohol and food available, you need to make sure that guests at least have snacks and some cocktail drinks at their wish.
    • Do you offer catering service?
    • Do you offer bar service?
    • Can we bring our own alcoholic beverages?
  4. Venue capacity and facilities.
    • Do you have enough parking space for the guests?
    • Do you have smoking areas?
    • Do you have enough bathrooms for the number of guests that we are going to host?
    • Are children allowed in the venue?
  5. Decoration. Even a cheap venue looks great with the appropriate decoration and lighting.
    • Can we see the tables and chairs that are going to be leased?
    • Does the place have good lighting at night?
    • Do you have any special decorations for a wedding?

And these were some important questions to ask your venue administrator. In Rancho Corona we know how to handle any type of event. We have not only hosted private events; you may also know us for the other big public events that we host from time to time. We know how to handle any event, we can host big public events, but we also know really well how to handle the most formal and serious events. Therefore, we can host all the way from the most serious day in somebody´s life, such as a wedding, to a full-scale concert or party.

That is why if you are planning to host your wedding you can call us. We have the empirical and cultural experience, the love and pride for our job, and the responsibility of our last name being in line for hosting the best event in your whole life. If you have any questions or if you are looking to enquire our services, you can contact us through this page, or also through the other means specified here. Give us the responsibility of hosting your event; we do not see our clients as an additional number!

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