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How to plan a quinceañera, part two


In the last blog article, we wrote some important steps when planning a quinceañera. We covered the points of getting permission, making sure that this is what both the young lady and the parents want, setting a budget to work over it, and choosing the day in which this important day will take place. In this second part we will cover other points that are equally important when planning this important night of your life.

Choose a “chambelan”

A chambelan is the person who accompanies the quinceañera through the whole celebration. This young man has the duty of escorting the new woman through all the night. The chambelan is usually the boyfriend, a good friend, or a relative of the lady. This role is fulfilled by a man with which the lady feels comfortable with.

Look for a place to celebrate this important date in your life

One of the most important aspects to have in consideration is the place that will host this event. Even when of course what is important is that everyone has a good time, you can choose a nice place, so you always have a good memory of where the quinceañera was held. That is what we specialize at; in Rancho Corona we have held so many special dates in the life of so many ladies that experienced their quinceañeras that we gladly are the main reference point for the whole State of Arizona. In Rancho Corona we are known to be the best place to host these important events. In the next paragraph we are going to talk a little more about the technical specifications of the place.

The venue is comprised with the grand total of 16,000 square feet, it also counts with a 3,000 square feet kitchen, an additional patio just as big as the first one, several bars, and a huge parking lot. Therefore, you and your guests do not have to worry about finding a place to park, or about the well-being state of your vehicle. Even when the technical specifications are great, this is not the most important part. In Rancho Corona we are glad to host these special events for a lot of young ladies, and since our family has Mexican and Mexican-American roots, we know how important a quinceañera is for both the family of the lady and the lady herself, making us experts in both cultural and logistics aspects.

And these were some additional advices that we can give to people looking to celebrate this important day of their lives. In conclusion, we have the empirical and cultural experience, the love and pride for our job, and the responsibility of our last name being in line for hosting the best event in your whole life. If you have any questions or if you are looking to enquire our services, you can contact us through this page, or also through the other means specified here. Give us the responsibility of hosting your event, we do not see our clients as an additional number!

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